How To Use Whatsapp Without Any Number


How To Use Whatsapp Without Any Number : Today we are here to share you best tricks ever for whatsapp user everyone know if they want to use whatsapp services they has to be register account an put their too but today we bring latest tricks by : it present use whatsapp without any number , are you shocked ? yes it is true  just follow the below step you will able to use it  seems impossible, but it is possible. you can register your whatsapp without any entering the number details in the whatsapp. Just follow up the below post to proceed.


Steps To Use Whatsapp without Registering any number :-


  1. First of all uninstall whatsapp from your android device.
  2. Now download the whatsapp again from the google play store.
  3. Now keep your android in airplane mode to restrict all the messaging service of your android.
  4. Now open whatsapp and enter the number, the verification step will not complete as whatsapp will unable to confirm the verification code.
  5. Now whatsapp will ask you for alternative verification method there choose “verify through sms” and then provide your email address.
  6. Press Send button and within 2 second, press Cancel button. This will stop the authorization process of whatsapp.
  7. Now you need another app that is Spoof text message which is used to spoof the message. Now this app will ask you the details and you can enter the details below.<To: +447900347295
    From: + (country code) ( mobile number)
    Message: Your e-mail address.
  8. Thats it you are done. Now you can chat with your friends with this spoof number that you have set. and as you see there is no need of registering any of your personal number.


How To Use Whatsapp Without Any Number : Its all about you i hope u will like this kind of article specially for whatsapp lovers ,By this method you can easily use whatsapp without registering any number as you can chat anonymously with your friends. And you can simply implement this method by just following the few steps that we have mentioned above. hope you like the trick and don’t forget to share this cool whatsapp trick with your friends.and subscribe below