How To User Friendly Themes on Android 2016


How To User Friendly Themes on Android 2016:if you had recently rooted your an android or thinking about rooting it then in reality pass for it because the tweak we’re discussing here will absolutely different your android experience and make it a great deal more consumer pleasant. And this will only be executed by means of rooting your android after which installing Xposed installer in it. And after that, you may be the use of-of the Xposed module in order to can help you completely personalise your android. So comply with up the complete manual below to continue.

How To User Friendly Themes on Android 2016
How To User Friendly Themes on Android 2016

The method is quite simple and just want a rooted android device to be able to permit a Xposed installer to run on a device. And after having the Xposed installer you’ll be the usage of a Xposed module app to personalise to get the higher person friendly UI on your tool. For this comply with the manual under

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Functioning of Resflux: You Can Change

  • Beautiful user-friendly interface.
  • Change icon Their name of apps
  • Translate to another language
  • Override default settings inside different apps
  • much more! 

How To User Friendly Themes on Android 2016

  1. First of all, you need to root your devices and install Xposed installer in your devices by HERE
  2. Then, install Xposed installer Framework in your Android devices HERE 
  3. If you have any problem while install Xposed Installer you can Choose This alternate method HERE
  4. After install Xposed installer in your devices, you need to download Resflux for changing and customise as your wish in themes
  5. After the install Resflux you need to restart your devices for proper working all modules so restart your devices
  6. now,run the app and walk thought guideline mansion step by step you can customise and change all thing as you wish Icon,interface,much morerestflux
  7. done it ,,  😀 enjoy


Its all about How To User Friendly Themes on Android 2016: by this article you can customise your icon,interface much more from this apps its easy to use and install whenever you have any query regarding article ask me freely by comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends,