How To Write a Warning Letter To Against copyright violation


As you know many site working on copyright data but still no one take action against his,so here  you are today iam goign to a bring tricks and tip to how to write warnning letter against copyright violation for the shape of warning  in shape of willingly and unwillingly republishes your article then we should first send a warning letter, which should be written in polite language. Do not make any threats about infringement which cannot

be validate. Because we have only 2 options, if copyright violator’s blog hosted on Google platform then we can easily remove content by complaining to Google DMCA and Google AdSense. And If the Blog is hosted to WordPress but using Google AdSense then we can complain about copyright violation to Google AdSense, as a result they will disable to Google AdSense account.webmaster knows any compititor site activity by different site like its one of the trace any site how many poeple using your article on their site and how many backlinks has been generated etc.

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However this is hard step, but by sending a warning letter we can remove content from copyright violator’s Blog. For example purpose I have written a letter, just you have to change the bold text only.

Dear Admin [or name of the person if known]

I am the owner of copyright article that I have found my article in your site i.e. as a complete violation of our copyrights. The article is a duplicate copy of the original post that we have published on BloggerSpice @ As copyright owner, I have a number of exclusive rights under the Google DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). According to Digital Millennium Copyright Act you are not allowed to reproduce the Work, and to publish and communicate the Work to the its a warning leter for you otherwise i will report to use my rights by DMCA,

We thereby request you to remove the post completely from your website within 48 hours. You can confirm your acceptance of this letter by reply me after removal of content.

If you don’t comply with our request then it will result in a complete deletion of republished article. In addition, Republished URL will be reported to both Google AdSense and Google DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

We therefore sincerely expect your cooperation from your side.   To rectify this infringement of my rights, I require that you undertake to immediately stop infringing my copyright:

Original Content URL:

Republished Content URL:

Best Regards

Fawad khan


You can simply give warning by sending this letter and I hope copyright violator will understand and comply with your request. Because if they don’t comply then you can file to Google DMCA. if you like this article for your use so share to your friends and subscriber or services update via Email notification,