Install iOS 1.O.1 Update on your Apple Watch-How To


Install iOS 1.O.1 Update on your Apple Watch-How To : Want to Install Different Software Updates on your Apple Watch? Want to grab iOS 1.0.1 update for your Apple Watch? If your answer to these questions is Yes! Then you are going to be treated here, I am going to make you guys learn to install iOS 1.0.1 update on your Apple Watch to make you watch updated,We all know that Apple keeps on updating its OS by providing different updates as they want to provide complete best interface to their users. So, it is important for Apple Watch users too that they must keep their self-updated by installing such updates on their gadgets.

Install iOS 1.O.1 Update on your Apple Watch-How To
Install iOS 1.O.1 Update on your Apple Watch-How To

These updates always bring some appealing changes which are very much important for your gadget in terms of security and extra features for your device.

Install iOS 1.O.1 Update on your Apple Watch

Install iOS 1.0.1 Update on Apple Watch

Here I have gathered the steps which you need to apply from your side in order to grab this update for your side and now without taking much time of yours I would request you to get towards the below piece of writing to explore more about.

The steps begin here;

  • Firstly, Launch Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Afterwards, tap on General.
  • Now, you will have different options; you need to tap on Software Update.
  • After that, you’ll have recent available update there. You need to tap on Download and Install.

Apple Updates

  • Then it will ask you to enter your Passcode to proceed. Enter your passcode and tap on Done to proceed.
  • Afterwards, tap on Agree Terms and Conditions.
  • Now, it will start the downloading of that update which will take around 20 minutes to be completed, depends on your internet connection.
  • Ones the downloading is complete it will prompt a success message and will start the installation process. However, remember that before installing the update ensure that your watch is charged or else your watch may drain out the battery in the middle of it.
  • Then it will start the installation. Ones the installation is completed, it will restart your Apple Watch and after restarting it will be updated.


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