Internet Marketing Tutorial Beginners 2018-19 | Free Guide


Digital Marketing is a growing market in 2018 and the best part about it is that people are willing to share their expertise and skills along with internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19. But the first thing that one needs to understand is that internet marketing is not a stand-alone skill or something you can just understand by reading. It requires one to acquire knowledge about SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Digital Analytics, Design, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing and Coding and then practice it all to finally master the art of internet marketing. There are many internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 in 2018 but most of them would require you to sign-up, subscribe or give you the same information while charging you for it. With this internet marketing tutorial beginners in 2018 can understand how digital marketing works and how they can use free resources to develop digital marketing skills.

What needs to be Learnt?

  • How can you get to the top of search engines using SEO?
  • How to make your website SEO and user-friendly?
  • Proper utilization of keywords and Google Analytics.
  • Content Optimization tips and tricks.
  • How does affiliation work?
  • How to Market and sell products or services?
  • What will amplify your social media message?
  • Designing and inbound marketing.
  • How to make use of email marketing?
  • What is Email analytics?

With this internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 you need not to have previous knowledge set. So, let’s begin with getting acquainted with the resources you need.


In 2018, SEO matters. SEO basically means Search engine optimization and with Google dominating the search engine market, you will want to make sure that your website, ads or links make it to the first page of google. Therefore, you absolutely need to care about SEO. SEO does not just mean using your keywords intensely because instead of pinning your site to the top, that would make google SEO mark it as spam. Instead, be smart with the keyword usage. Use singular and plural forms of keyword, synonyms, change the order of words or add keyword modifiers. Either have SEO plugins instilled in your website or use an external SEO tool to help you understand keyword density.

Make SEO friendly website?

Google sends crawlers to check the content that is on a website. So, to make sure google identifies your website as a reliable one, make it SEO friendly. This can be done by using appropriate keywords, building a website using CSS technology which makes it easy to read, add meta tags and texts to the images used. Get links from trusted sources and make sure there is an error in the HTML code or any broken links on the website. Do not put plagiarized content on the website and stay up to date with the content used. Create a sitemap for the website which will help the search engine reach every page.


SEO brings us to the next step which is understanding keywords. Keywords are basically the words that people use to search for a particular information. For example, for this article i.e. internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19” would be an appropriate keyword. Now using the same phrase over and over again would spam the article, kill the efficiency and would irk the readers as well which is why keywords can be modified and used in different ways. This needs to be done carefully so it does not end up escaping the Google SEO analytics. Use the Traffic Estimator of the Google AdWords. It is a wonderful keyword tool which will tell you the worth of your keywords depending upon how much readers search for it. This internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 is a common keyword and something that people do search for in this digital age and so it functions well.

PPC (Pay-per-click)

Setting up an efficient SEO campaign requires a lot of work to be put in during the initial days. Adjust the SEO strategy to match what goes well on pay per click ads. Collect valuable feedback before planning SEO campaigns. Using paid search after buying keywords along with SEO also helps you increase the growth curve. Test a wide variety of keywords and check their worth on value generator. Pass the value through online tools to observe how much traffic comes from each keyword. You can test you keyword ideas on Google AdWords and carry the results to Microsoft adCenter. Beginners may find it difficult to get the hang of it in the beginning but that is what this internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 is about.

How it works?

Google AdWords runs the most popular PPC program. It basically means that you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. Just like affiliate marketing, PPC works on performance-based principals. You don’t pay unless you get good results out of it. Another benefit of this is that you can analyze the click-patterns and take benefit from it in creating new ads, posting schedules etc. Google AdWords helps you reach a large number of people who it thinks can become your prospective customers.

Basic preparation and Content Optimization

Use descriptive headlines and HTML elements. Do not put important content that you want to get indexed in images. Group and organize all content into categories and sort them by relevance. Check page loading time because longer loading times lead to lower traffic and low ranking. Avoid pop-ups. Use logos, headers and primary descriptions on the page to create the best impressions. Use user interactions and incorporate social media buttons. And use standard sizes for banner ads. Have a user-friendly website design and reduce bounce rate. Do test the websites on different browsers.

Affiliate Marketing

You can increase revenue by affiliating with other websites and brands and promoting their products and services. For every person who buys products using the ads on your website or links you provide, you get a commission. Affiliation requires that you build a reliable website first that the readers trust. Providing discount while buying things from given link also works as a push for the customers. Since affiliate marketing is performance-based, you only get paid if transactions are completed. Affiliate marketing requires smart strategies as mentioned in this internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19. Only choose good products and promote them through various traffic sources. The key strategies that work are: Know your audience. Find a niche. Be patient.

Social Media Marketing: The Why, What and How’s?

Social media is a vast network and it is easy to get disheartened if one does not get the results one is expecting. But with internet marketing, social media is of utmost importance. In this internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19, we talk about why social media is an integral part of internet marketing, what to do and what not to do in the social media world and how you can run a successful social media campaign.

Why is social media marketing important?

In the current world scenario, social media is a major platform. When one talks about internet marketing, social media plays a huge role. Our internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 is not complete without understanding and making use of social media. But social media is a far complex field than it seems at first. Building a network, understanding the audience and using the comprehensive social media resources made available on your fingerprints requires a lot of hard work. No matter what your skill level is, you can learn how to improve your social media presence through this internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 in this year.

What to do?

The first thing to do is choose the right platform. Depending upon the kind of business you have or the products you are marketing on the internet, find the social media platform that will match it. The second thing is to build a network of people who enjoy your content. Since the trick with social media promotion is not to just put up promotional posts all the time but other content which the audience enjoys and then later absorbs the promotional content as well. The other thing is making the promotional content creative enough to make it enjoyable. That is something no internet marketing tutorial can teach beginners in 2018 because predicting what will be liked on the internet and what won’t be is quite impossible.

How to be a good social media marketer?

Post about tips and tricks, useful information, sometimes jokes and remember to keep your response time quick. Another important aspect is when to post and how frequently to post? It is a good practice to be really regular in the beginning and post frequently. Later on, one can go through the data analytics of the particular social media platform and post according to the peak hours of your audience. Keep things simple, engage with the audience and do cross-promotions when possible to make your social media more accessible to other users. Consistency and likeability and two other important elements. Use tools to analyze the growth and impact of your social media presence.

Facebook Marketing for internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19

The best part about Facebook marketing is that it provides you with lots of options. You can use your personal profile and grow a closer network or do your marketing campaigns in specified groups of your target audiences or start a page. Facebook can schedule posts and has an extensive analytical system of its own. It just makes digital marketing as easy as possible. The personal inbox ensures the proximity with the audiences. The platform can be used to share all sorts of media: text, image or videos. You can know more about the tips for 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter messages work like broadcast messages and with the use of very few words, you can ensure that people stay connected with you. It is a great tool for discovering new customers without the invasion of their privacy.

Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram

All the social media platforms have their own perks and specialties. With Google+ you can create circles and a promotional page which is directly linked to your website. Pinterest and Instagram and picture-friendly platforms and require extra care, creativity and quirkiness. Instagram ads also work quite like Facebook ads but in today’s time, Instagram is a growing platform among the youth. It is preferred by most people and businesses as well. Some businesses are solely dependent upon Instagram as their marketing strategy. The key to Instagram is having an aesthetically pleasing and neat feed along with a conversational approach. LinkedIn is more professional and is used by intellectuals so creating a company page and sharing important content would spread the message in the kind of audience that wishes to receive such information.

Video Promotion

Along with Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn, YouTube is the biggest platform for online marketing. Though there are many tutorials available for being a successful YouTuber, how one use YouTube to promote can and market products is the purview of internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19in 2018. Since videos require more hard work, the competition in the field is less as compared to other sites. One way of promoting your YouTube platform is through imbibing the videos on your website itself. But do remember to caption your video well, add relevant details and tags whenever you post it to make it accessible.

Digital Analytics

The analytics tools are usually inbuilt with most social media platforms but for more extensive analysis, one can even use external tools. Digital analytics includes implementing tracking code, analyzing reports and setting up goals to track for the campaign. One must learn about data collection, processing and configuration of analysis and marketing tools which will be mentioned in internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19. One of the best analytics tools is Google Analytics, but for your website or blog. For social media, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Instagram Analytics and Snapchat analytics are more helpful. It keeps a record of every click, view, and amount of time engaged, timing, fragmentation of audience and much more.

Why analyzing is done?

To recognize the target audience and then understand what it wants. What kind of content engages people more? What time do they browse the most? How much time do they spend on your social media platform? What are their expectations and needs? To market something, one must understand the customer. Unless you know what your audience needs when they need it, you cannot provide it to them on time and thus are failing at the basic goal of marketing. You can also observe other pages, brands and digital marketers to understand their strategy and see what works for them? As a beginner in the digital marketing world, this plan works the best.


Eye-catching visual designs are what works on the internet. Whether it is your ad campaign, social media profile and content, what looks good, sells. There are many tools that one can use to create professional quality designs without being an expert in high-end software like Photoshop. Use Canva, Crello and check out their tips and tutorials before going on with the designing. Use it to create a brand logo, visual assets for your online presence. The free internet tutorials will be available on their website just like this free internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19. It helps you create neat pictures and has some good tips for advanced designers as well.

Inbound Marketing

In inbound marketing, one converts valuable experiences into business. You convert prospectors into customers. This is done by first attracting the customers through your content and then engaging with them using conversational tools such as emails. Email marketing would be the next thing to learn. Inbound marketing is done by creating content which is required by the customer and thus it builds the credibility of your blog and business. It is like the way this internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19in coming years is created. The content is kept up-to-date. Add value every step of the way. Inbound marketing works with three steps: Attract, Engage and Delight. Attract the right customers through you’re giving them the content they want, engage with them using conversational tools and delight them by providing quality content and satisfying their needs.

Content in Marketing

On platforms like YouTube and blogs, it is not goods and services that are sold but the content. But first, quality content that is both useful and pleasing to the customers must be created. One must understand the audiences and acquire skills of retaining those audiences. You can write a blog for business promotion or create videos reviewing products or in affiliation with brands. This not only promotes the business product or brand but you as well. In content marketing, it is your thoughts that you are selling. Your talent and abilities to create creative content are what matters the most. Skills can be acquired through internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19but there is no replacement for a sharp mind which is needed for online marketing.

Email Marketing

With social media creating a ruckus on everyone’s feed, it becomes hard to grasp what one is supposed to absorb and what is to be ignored. In this case, going old school with emails is the best strategy. Having a friendly email setup to create a conversational vibe with the audience creates a good brand image. While setting up an email campaign, the first thing is asking permission to add someone to the email list. It is better to create a form with the usual question one wonders about while subscribing to a newsletter. Are you going to spam? How frequently will you send emails? What benefit does one get out of subscribing to the email list? The second step is to make sure you are whitelisted, and all your email updates don’t get stuck in spam. Use online providers like AWeber, MailChimp etc. Do create an auto-response email for your business because sometimes that confirmation is useful to the customers, much like this internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19.

Email Analytics

With marketing, feedback is of utmost importance. Therefore, even with email marketing, numbers must be analyzed. How frequently are your emails being opened and which emails show a better response than the others? What do people expect in the newsletter and are you delivering? The analysis is made easy by online providers. Your Open Rate and Click-through Rate will tell you how successful your email campaign is. Based on the analytics, you can decide the frequency of emails sent, types of emails, product update in comparison to the newsletter and whether to send daily updates, weekly or bi-monthly. The same internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 can teach you how to manage your emails, set preferences, but the content and actual work has to be managed.


Ads need to be planned according to marketing analysis and audience analysis. Based upon such analysis, select the ad approach and posting schedules. Create a catalogue of ads depending upon space availability, presentation, frequency. Interact with publishers for creating good quality product-based or service-based ads. Then, based upon how well those ads have been doing according to clicks, Cost per Click, Impressions and Return on Investment, work upon making the ads more efficient. The ads created for bigger screens like laptops are different from the ones designed for mobile. Use lighter file formats and avoid dark shots while creating ads. The ad must be neat and attractive.

Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook has a quite simple interface for advertisements. You can share information about your website or brand, accompanied by images and videos while targeting exactly the kind of people you wish to target. Depending upon budget and your understanding of the target audience, Facebook ads often turn out to be quite successful. You just need to have the content in hand and Facebook takes care of the rest. It manages the size of advertisement to be shown to the mobile or laptop user, how to merge the advertisement with other content on the feed and how to give you value for the money spent.

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