iPhone Secret Codes for 2015 Tips and tricks


Phone Secret Codes 2015 :Today we are here to share you unique and latest Codes for  Iphone lover, With these codes you unlock new features and information in iPhone. iPhone 4, 5, 6 Secret Codes for 2015. iPhone is one of the best smartphones in all smartphones. We all know iPhone is first smartphone that’s why iPhone is popular in wordwide. We use iPhone in daily life but we don’t know much about Iphone. In this post we revealed some best Top 10 iPhone secrets codes.

iPhone Secret Codes for 2015 Tips and tricks



It helps to know IMEI Number of any phone i.e. it will work on any smartphone


This code displays insformation about call forwarding (calls , voide and data)

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Information call forwarding if phone is switched off or in case of none of service is available


This code disables all call forwarding!


This code allows or blocks the phone number calling you!


Allows you to hide your phone number


This code will give you a list with multiple configurations like ( call , sms , data etc) and show whether they are enabled or not


This code helps to verify status of call waiting like SMS , Data and Sync data


To know missed calls



Its all about you i hope you will like these tested code ,Above is the top best and latest iPhone Secret Codes 2015 and works on iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 : To display many of the inner settings of your iPhone. If you face any problem feel free to discuss in below comments and if you like so share to your friends and social media , if you want to update our new related post via email notification so Subscribe NOW below,






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