Latest Version Blue Cat’s Chorus Download


Latest Version Blue Cat’s Chorus Download.: Blue Cat’s is the Voice modulation software user who are passionate about their audio mixing , Track , Editing there is good option for those has ability to search various adjustment that can be performed.The Chorus effect was originally designed to simulate several voices. just as if several persons were playing together the same notes.

but with a variable delay between them. This is one of the typical effects that you can get with Blue Cat’s Chorus also called Blue cat’s audio.

Latest Version Blue Cat's Chorus Download
Latest Version Blue Cat’s Chorus Download

Latest Version Blue Cat’s Chorus Download.

Blue Cat’s Chorus is a plug-in that was developed in order to help users add the preferred chorus effect to their audio tracks. It will allow them to change their original sounds completely. by creating deep pitch modulations or even crazy “bubbling” effects.

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Requiring a VST compatible host application as its main prerequisite or DirectX if choosing the DX version, the plug-in will be deployed in a dedicated folder. Once imported in the carrying VST software, it will offer people a classical interface. with numerous adjustment knobs that remind of analogue sequencers.

Several audio signal parameters are available for adjustments and one will be able to select from the following: delay, gain, shape, rate, depth, phase, etc. Using the stereo module of the plug-in, one will be able to attain a surround chorus effect. that will add a new dimension to the audio track. with the help of the provided “Spread”.

Main Features.

  • Single voice vintage chorus effect.
  • Stereo spread control.
  • Sine or triangle LFO shapes.
  • In or out of phase mix control.

Blue Cat Audio Standards.

  • Available as: Mac-AAX, Mac-AU, Mac-RTAS, Mac-VST, Mac-VST3, Win-AAX, Win-DX, Win-RTAS, Win-VST, Win-VST3, Win x64-AAX, Win x64-DX, Win x64-VST, Win x64-VST3.
  • Native DSP code for optimal performance.
  • Full MIDI control and automation support with silent, zipper-free parameters update, advanced response control and MIDI Learn.
  • No CPU load on idle: when the plug-in is fed with silence, the processing smoothly shuts down, to optimize the CPU usage of your Digital Audio Workstation.
  • Skinnable and customizable user interface with transparency management.
  • Smooth Bypass: activate/deactivate the plug-in with absolutely no noise.
  • Undo/Redo.
  • Full featured integrated presets manager.
  • Copy/paste the plug-in’s state between instances using the system clipboard.
  • Any sample rate supported.

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