How much money can you earn on the site?


How much money can you earn on the site

After the creation and promotion of a site in search engines, you can begin to monetize the resource. Most of the companies providing the opportunity for website owners to earn, put forward certain demands on the quality of the text and attendance. From the popularity of your site will depend on how much you can earn on the site.
Site specific topic, having quality content and provides comprehensive information, will bring much more profit than thematically similar resource illiteracy content.

Earnings on contextual advertising
Depending on the focus of your site, you can use a variety of affiliate programs. The most popular online is affiliate of Yandex, Begun and Google. Registered in one of the systems on the site can earn through contextual advertising on the resource.

After registering and adding the site to the database, the user gets access to his office, which chooses the theme and ads using the constructor ad units, creates a block of the correct size, the code gets and sets the resource. Payment takes place over the link. The cost of a click on an average of 50 cents. Commission charged by a company providing affiliate program can be from 5 to 15%.

Example: if the traffic to the site is 1200 hosts per day, and 2% of visitors viewing the ads, the owner of the resource, depending on the amount withdrawn commission earned on average USD 10 per day. In the last month the amount can reach $ 300.

Programs of Yandex and Begun similar size may differ commission withdrawal conditions, requirements for sites. Payments are made through electronic transfer system (EPS). There are minimum withdrawal of money that can be transferred to your account in EPS. Information on the number of transitions and the amount in the account, you can view in his office.

Earnings on teaser ads

Similar views have earnings earnings on teaser ads. Teaser – Show block on the site, which provides a picture and a link to a specific resource. Purpose teaser – to attract attention and make the visitor go to the website of the advertiser.

There is plenty of teaser networks providing the opportunity to participate in affiliate programs. To get started with the affiliate program, you need to register and submit your site to the system. Attendance must be at least 50 visitors a day, but in each system requirements on your own. For a site that is hosted on a free hosting, this figure – 500 or 1000 guests.

Most companies do not take in the sites at besplatnikov. Some sites may be admitted at a certain number of visitors to the discretion of the moderators. Earnings depends on the number of clicks on the teaser. The cost can be from 1 to 10 cents per click.

Calculate how much you can earn on the website, you can: when you go to an affiliate site 5% s of 1000 visitors, your earnings will be $ 5 per day minus commission, removed by the system. This option involves earning up to 150 USD per month profit. View the statistics available in your account. Disbursements may be a one-time on a specific day of the week. The minimum withdrawal amount is 5 – 10 dollars.

Which brings banner advertising revenue?

Register the resource in the system banner advertising – another way to monetize the site. Banner – pictures, animations, flash clip posted on the website. For showing him or takes the user to another site after clicking on the banner, the site owner receives a certain sum due on the balance in the system.

Banner advertising is a plus compared to the teaser and context: the payment is not only for clicks, but also for shows. Depending on the position of the site in search engines and TIC (Trust citation index), the price can vary greatly.

On the popular site specific topic, the number of visitors reaches several thousand, you can set the banner, the cost per 1000 impressions which can reach 50 dollars. Having established affiliate code to your site that does not have high popularity, you can expect to pay a USD 1 per thousand impressions. Withdraw funds and monitor Account practically do not differ from the options listed above.

Selling links through special services or accommodations on its website material including references to specific target resource – the popular ways of earning. In this case, how much you can earn on a site depends on the performance of TIC and PR. Price for posting articles on the resource owner sets himself.

After registration on the exchange of content and adding your site to the system, you can configure the account as a gift to his condition, according to which the material will be posted on the pages. You can post articles for a month, a year, or for the lifetime of the web project in the network. Prices may be from 10 to hundreds per month. Thus, posting 10 articles with links at the price of 300 rubles, the owner of the resource will receive 3,000 rubles profit.

Receive a commission for recommendations

Earnings on attracting referrals may differ depending on the conditions of the affiliate. After registering on the website offer any affiliate program, you receive a referral link and posted on the pages of your web project.

Visitors and registered in the system by your link becomes your referelom. Amount raised earnings for the exchange of content the user will be 25% of future profits copywriter.

A wide selection of affiliate programs offer forex brokers. Earnings can be realized by setting the referral links or banners on the partner site. After opening the account you attract a trader on the site dealing center and start trading, you will receive a percentage of his successful deals.

To do this, one of the brokers Forex Open a partner account for which you will earn money.
How much money can you earn on the site?
Dealing centers offer different options for withdrawal: plastic card, bank account, electronic payment system. On how successful trader you will attracted referral will depend on how much you can make on site, working on affiliate forex brokers.

Attracting visitors to a website online store, you can receive from 1 to 25% of the cost of goods sold. There are other possible payment options: fixed amount or pay-per-user registration on partner sites. The more visitors referred to your site through your referral link, making a purchase, the greater will be the amount of your earnings.

Very popular affiliate programs of banks offering their services. Install on your site to link to Sell Page or placing code form for entering the name and phone number, the owner of the resource can earn bonuses for bringing them customers who have issued bank product. Payment amount can be from $ 2, for processing a credit card or up to 60 USD for processing customer of the bank loan for a car or a house.


Combining multiple types of earnings to a qualitatively untwisted and several thousand visitors a day online can bring its owner a lot of money.