Do not confuse SEO with Social Media


The SEO will never die, but be transformed if you want to remain part of the marketing strategies of large and small … I will not get into arguments: We need everything.

For days I have been talking about “Social SEO” or position your website using social networking. The idea is that your impact in social media push up the web in search engines, and there is evidence that the network has more impact is Google Plus.
Others want to impose a new meaning to SEO: Social Engagement Optimization. Definitely a good thing, but are left on the road countless advantages of positioning a website in a search that is repeated thousands of times a day in search engines, day after day
 Do not confuse SEO with Social Media – DOSTIFUN TRICKS AND TIPS
Simply SEO Social or Social Media?
We could define the social SEO or techniques positioning strategies that use social media to improve the position of a website in search engines. However, the goal remains the same : the first Appear when someone uses a search engine. Why?
Google can bring you so many visits in one day as a Community Manager in a month, but different users
The answer in the form of Maximum Marketing would be ” Do you seek .” What’s better than where they put you to find a solution a problem or need , and it is also something that you have and what you ‘re an expert ? The search engine is ideal for the user who is to reach the highest possible quality , comes looking for something , and decided to click on your result by itself. You only have to think about how a user uses Internet : If you position for a search will be the answer to your questions , if you try to contact users via social networks simply be ” propaganda”
 Mixing: The social positioning
However there is no question of choosing between one strategy or another : If you are not present in social networks and talk of you, will not like you seekers . You also run the risk of not knowing what they will say about your product, or even someone to take your place.
Another aspect to consider is that if you start from scratch, the search engines will distrust your website and do not bring in top positions at the first opportunity , so what will bring more traffic to your social networks are beginning then the SEO work is a medium to long term.
In summary, to avoid me as if an eternal discussion of two football teams is involved, you are my personal conclusions and verdicts :
  • The Social Media will help your SEO
  • SEO takes time to give the best results , it is not for those in a hurry and looking for shortcuts
  • Social Media will not replace SEO because they have different objectives
  • The SEO usually brings users the best quality Social Media
  • The Social Media brings less long-term users , but gives results sooner
  • The SEO requires less maintenance
  • Both need content and quality product to give the best result
To be consistent morning I bring you a tutorial that could be the basis of a social SEO strategy … Attentive and thanks for reading this far .
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