Now Iphone User Can Run Android OS By Iphone Case


Now iPhone User Can Run Android OS By Iphone Case.: After the successful project Run Windows 95 in Apple Nick Lee completed another project with the help of “Tendigi“ now iPhone User can Run Android OS through Iphone Case easily. Nick Lee proved this invention in real for public.even nick lee published the video where you can clearly See the how can we run Android OS in iPhone Through Simple iPhone Case.

Now Iphone User Can Run Android OS By Iphone Case
Now iPhone User Can Run Android OS By Iphone Case

So, First we should have to tell your about Brooklyn Based hacker Name “Nick Lee” works such a good invention many peoples and youngster love him by their invention technology.recently he played Windows 95 in Apple Smartwatch easily.

Now iPhone User Can Run Android OS By Iphone Case

Now, Another project has completed Through Tendigi by the help of iPhone 3D case.Nick Has recently invent 3D case to allow two operating systems run together on I the phone.

First See Video, 

On the video, Nick lee seems to boot Android with the help of a Tendigi app on the iPhone. This iOS app used to interact with the case. With the help of this case, iPhone user can access any Android app easily and can enjoy Android on iOS.

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First of all, Nick lee bought a board (Lemaker HiKey) and cloned the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and build a custom version of Android Marshmallow. Later he 3D printed an iPhone size enclosure and combined the board, a 650 mAh lithium-polymer battery, Boost converter & resistor to produce the case.

Once the design was completed, the design was bulky and looked like a brick. However, after several designs modification and 3D printing experiments, Nick Lee, managed to shrink the size of the case.

Nick Lee also included openings for HDMI, USB Ports, and SD card slot in the case. On which Nick lee said ” Once I had a clear idea of component size and layout, I scaled the 3D model to a more reasonable size and added openings for the SD card, HDMI and USB ports. It’s not too much thicker than the average battery case”

Right Now, Nick lee had no plans of selling this product commercially, but he could be convinced to build a sleeker version of this case if there was interest .