Pakistan To Claim Lifting Of Ban YouTube


Pakistan To Claim Lifting Of Ban YouTube : In this world their are still blasphemous content is going on YouTube but some of the countries having considering it to set YouTube on “Ban”, China and Pakistan is the only country who have ban on YouTube, but for now Pakistan need back their YouTube on their screen again
after 3 years.


Yes, After 3 years. Since 2012 with the Pakistani Judicial Court has finalize the ban on YouTube after the continuous blasphemous video are spreading, with the only regards of this, the Pakistan Government put Ban on YouTube, However after the modern technology around the world people are need to be educated as per the generation going on, likewise Pakistani people also need to watch YouTube videos they have all citizenship right to claim regarding this types of unnatural habitat.

YouTube is not only sacrilegious terms but also to entertainment, being getting knowledge, educations for teachers and students as well, after all this things are needed to overcome in today’s generation.

After the disappearance of three years of YouTube, the Pakistani Officials have raise voices to lift the ban on YouTube, The Senate
Community on Information and Technology have appealed to lift the ban immediately, the information from the Official places that the Ban have been applied by the Supreme Court and further cannot be lifted without the Supreme Court permission again.

Previous year the same appeal have been filed against the Officials of Pakistan to lift the ban on YouTube but none of the matter have been disclosed, the Supreme court has said that the verification will be taken on YouTube and only after the filtration on YouTube videos the new feature must be enabled so that no body can upload the blasphemous videos again the ban will be lifted.

The ban of YouTube have been applied after the movie appear in YouTube named as “Innocence of Muslims” in 2012, which became the YouTube for in a Ban situation, still some people in Pakistan using YouTube Confidentially.

Officials also saying that to completely ban YouTube blasphemous content is impossible, and if YouTube need to add anti-blasphemous feature then it need to pay to Google. but the question is if other nation viewers are ignoring this blasphemous materials from YouTube then why should not the Pakistani people? as the report from Pakistani Officials website that “if other nations ignore all those content having offensive, insensitive materials on the YouTube then why should not we?”

As per our point of view we should stand for Pakistan, we people all know that human in a kind of nature who also know that what is good for them and what is bad for then, not only the YouTube for Pakistan but also if Pakistani People achieve all those facilities to become a part of developing countries then they will also be like India in path of achievement, pakistan should raise voice against lifting YouTube.

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