Portable USB Air Conditioner Cool your Room Faster


As you know Today’s almost Pakistan temperature 45 to 52 Centigrade reached. due to global warming changes.then heavy load shedding mind going down.and there is no much  affordabilities to pay electric bills to Run Split And AC in every resident of Pakistan.so we have the solution for those peoples who can not afford AC split. they can get portable USB Air Conditioner for every home.So this article talking about Portable USB Air Conditioner Cool your Room Faster.

Portable USB Air Conditioner Cool your Room Faster
Portable USB Air Conditioner Cool your Room Faster

So,This is very cheap portable Mini AC FAN AC available for every Pakistani. they can get from online or selective bigs cities.This is portable USB Fan AC where you can put Cool Water on it or ICE Cube to perform well as Air Conditioner.This AC gets very lowest Electricity and works on 12 V when it was launched that actual price was almost 3000 Rupees. but now its decrease for all Pakistani people only RS : 1950 AC. almost 1265 peoples buy this mini AC Fan and enjoy the cool environment. just  254 remain in stock so hurry up to get it and enjoy a cool and bye bye to Garmi.

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Portable USB Air Conditioner Cool your Room Faster

Limited Time Sale!
Get Mini Air Conditioning Fan for just Rs:1950/-

  • Portable Mini Air Conditioner
  • Run with USB Power Cable or 3 Cells
  • Use it In-Door or Out-Door
  • Mini Size, Easy to Carry
  • Put Cold Water or Ice Cubes in Box & Say Bye Bye to Garmi
  • Best for Students & Computer Users
  • Best Value for Your Money
  • FREE Delivery all over Pakistan
  • Pay Cash on Delivery
  • For More info Call at: 0301-2818692

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I have discussed Portable USB Air Conditioner Cool your Room Faster with this unique and mini technology from you can say bye bye to garmi and enjoy Full-time Cool environment.no electric bill and no tension this is very cheap and affordable AC just remain only 256. hurry up and get it soon. and don’t forget to share this post with your friend.