How To Restart Your Android Phone Into Safe Mode 2016


How To Restart Your Android Phone Into Safe Mode 2016:Nowadays numerous of Peoples are Using an android device in Smartphone and other kind of devices and there are  numbers of features that android OS provides to own users. now there are a lots improvement in technology many superior android devices are now available in market having adequate RAM and memory capacity.


So,Many of peoples must know about safe mode in your windows operating system, where you can fix many software’s related problem by booting into it in safe mode. As it is now you can boot into safe mode on your android and can fix out the software related issue in your android device like, uninstalling the app and managing some data that requires fast switching of android. So follow the below steps to boot your android in safe mode and troubleshoot its problems.

Step # Restart Your Android Phone Into Safe Mode 2016

  1. First of all, you need to turn off your android device and after some seconds power it on. Now long press your power off/sleep button of your android.How-To-Restart-Android-in-Safe-Mode-to-Troubleshoot-Problems-1
  2. Now you will see options like power off, now restart long tap on Power off option.How-To-Restart-Android-in-Safe-Mode-to-Troubleshoot-Problems-2
  3. Then you will see the hidden safe mode option Press ok. Now your device will reboot into safe mode How-To-Restart-Android-in-Safe-Mode-to-Troubleshoot-Problems-3
  4. Done it . 😀

Method # 2

How To Boot Into Safe Mode On Android ( Version 4.0 and Older):

Step 1. You need to turn off your Device first.

Step 2. Now Power on your device during boot screen logo, You just need to hold the Volume Up+ Down button together until it finishes booting. You will be in a safe mode.

Step 3. To exit the safe mode you just need to reboot your phone. And you will be back into its normal mode


Its all about How To Restart Your Android Phone Into Safe Mode 2016: by this article you can easily turn in the safe mode and fix out your problem in any software ,wants to uninstall and edit any thing without any issue note: this method is save so you can do it without any tension and doubt. don’t forget to share this post to your friends

How To Restart Your Android Phone Into Safe Mode 2016