Social Metrics used to improve Traffic to your website

This is not a technical article (as some on this blog), no magic formula, not a great method, nor will discover fire. It is simply a plugin that I found today and I want to share with you.

Social Metrics itself is very simple yet very effective. Simply analyze the content of your blog (post, pages, average) and presents color who have been more successful in social networks with the number of times they have been shared. Social networks are: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Diggs.

I have to say that the plugin is not free. It costs $ 27.00 for a single site or multiple sites for $ 47.00. Both licenses include unlimited support and updates in time, will FOREVER.

As Social Metrics Pro can help.

Like I said Social Metrics analyzes the performance of your articles on social networks and the like in the form of table. With these results you can know what kind of items work best in different social networks and accordingly you can plan your future articles. In essence tells you what kind of items are what your audience prefers according to the social network in which they are located.

Social Metrics Pro inside.

Once you shopping Social Metrics Pro is installed like any other plugin and download immediately. When installing it is added as an option in the sidebar of WordPress admin panel.

It has two sections Social Metrics Pro which is where the results of the analysis and Settings is where you enable or disable the various options and the license code (bottom) is hard is. I left everything as it comes by default only mistake StumbleUpon and Pinterest because I do not use this site. By the way the license is the order number that Clickbank sends you when you purchase the plugin.

Another interesting option of this plugin is that you can export the data to Excel in. Xls and csv. Better for analysis.Social Metrics program also automatically when the next check will your site. This happens in the background and doing the least possible use of server resources (larger image with caption: Social Metrics Settings and look at the top right under Twitter, Facebook, etc).

I hope you find this as useful as I plugin. Especially if the items on my blog are beginning to be numerous and allows you to plan them with more data to your advantage. From now you can start writing your post strategically oriented social networks that interests you improve your presence.