5 Best Software To Create Bootable Windows USB Pendrive TRICKS AND TIPS

Software To Create Bootable Windows USB : Today we bring for you tricks and tips for bootable windows us pendriver its very easy to install any winwod so  As we normally used Desktop or Laptop in our daily life for many different purposes. Like we play games, share content between devices, play music, Surf internet and many more tasks. But the essential part which lets you to do all these task is an operating system. Normal user is depend on Windows OS or for Apple devices Mac OS and developer,
hacker and programmer use Linux. But approx 80% users are using Windows just because it is affordable and easy to use. There are many different OS Versions of Windows are available like Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or now latest one Windows 10. To install all these OS we often use Bootable CD/DVD. But Now a days due to advancement of technology user don’t have space and time to carry CD/DVDs and these things can be corrupt easily so we use Pen Drive for data sharing and as well as we can install any OS through Pen Drive by making them Bootable.

 5 Best Software To Create Bootable Windows USB Pendrive

There are many different methods to Make Bootable Pen Drive/Flash Drive for Windows OS. But the simple and easy method is by using Tool To Make Bootable Windows. So here we have found some best 5 Tools you can use them to make your Pen Drive Bootable.

How To Make Bootable Pen Drive For Windows

  • You must have 4GB or 8GB pen drive.
  • Windows ISO or any other file.
  • PC/Laptop.
  • And Software To Make Bootable Pen Drive.
First Download any software form the given below and install in your PC/Laptop then attach your Pen Drive with your computer. Open software and select Windows ISO or any other file which you have and then select Drive or path of your attached Pen Drive and simply click on next button it will automatically makes your Pen Drive bootable just in few minutes.

#1 Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool lets you install windows vista/7/8/8.1 on your computer with bootable pen drive. Because if you have an ISO files of windows then you cannot install it on your computer directly first you have to create an boot order or you can do it on your pen drive with the help of this tool just insert your pen drive and open Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool then select an ISO file from your computer click on next it will makes your pen drive bootable and then you can install it on your computer by simply run Setup.exe file.
Software To Create Bootable Windows USB
Software To Create Bootable Windows USB

#2 WiNToBootic

WiNToBootic is another one software which helps you to make your pen drive bootable with windows vista/7/8/8.1. Download the software and insert your pen drive into computer open it and select ISO file from computer and click on DO IT !! button the procedure is same as above software. It is speedy and convenient software which you can use. It is a standalone as well as user friendly and supports NTFS, windows all versions.

#3 WinToFlash

WinToFlash are the software used to create bootable pen drive of windows vista/7/8/8.1. If you have download an ISO file in your computer then you can create boot file in your pen drive this tool simply helps you to create  bootable pen drive of windows and affter you make bootable pen drive then install windows anywhere anytime from your pen drive and do not have to woorry about CD/DVD’s. Simply insert pen drive in your computer and run Setup. exe file and it will install windows in your computer.
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#4 UNetbootin

UNetbootin lets you create bootable live drive of any Ubuntu, Windows and Mac OS or you can makes your pen drive bootable with this tool. Download the ISO file of windows and open this tool, insert your pen drive and select from the tool ISO file and it will automatically create your pen drive with bootable file And you can install window from your pen drive directly.

#5 Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer is another tool supports Linux distribution you can create bootable pendrive of windows 7, vista, 8, 8.1 as well as you can also creates bootable Linux windows just select an Linux or Windows ISO file and click on OK.
Universal USB Installer


Software To Create Bootable Windows USB : Its all about you i hope you will like this These are 5 best tools which we find to create bootable windows usb pendrive easily. Choose any of them which you like most and find easy.so share to friends