Top 10 Android Most Common Problems and Solutions 2015 Tips and Tricks


 Top 10 Android Most Common Problems and Solutions 2015 Tips and Tricks : Today we are here to share you about Android mostly problem facing during usage ,Smartphone is not simple if you don’t know much about android. Many times many new android users faces many small and common problems in android i have a solution for those use whos facing problem,

 Top 10 Android Most Common Problems and Solutions 2015 Tips and Tricks – Dostifun

#1 Battery Drain

Battery drain is one of the most popular problems in android mobile. Almost every 5th android user face battery drain problem in android smartphone. There are many reasons that’s why face battery drain problem in android smart phone. One of the best way for solving this problem is enable battery saving mode and decrease your android phone brightness.

android phone battery drain

Open your settings menu , click on location and enable battery saving mode. Always use low brightness in android phone.

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#2 Freeze Android Phone and Slow Speed

Slow speed is one of the major problems in android mobile. We are getting slow speed because we install lots of unused android apps , open many android apps at same time. Solutions of the problem is very simple , all  you need to do is.

Speed Up Android

  • Uninstall Unused apps
  • Delete big files from Memory card
  • Install android apps from google play
  • Download Clean Master for Android Mobile(Increase Speed)
  • Clear Your Phone Cache with Clean Master

#3 Wifi not Connecting

Several time you connect your android phone with wifi, but you are not getting signal or not connecting problems. Solutions of this problem is very simple Restart your android phone orenable airplane mode in android phone at least 1 minutes. Try again with your android phone for wifi.

Android-Wifi Problems

Increase your Android Phone Internet Speed by combining WIFI and Data

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#4 Syncing Error with Google

Many times you sync your android phone with google server for backup your contact list and other reasons. Many users face sync problem in android mobile for many reasons. But here I find some solution for solving this problem.


  • Check your password
  • Check internet connectivity
  • Enable airplane mode for 30seconds and try again

#5 Unlock Android Phone because you Forget the Pattern

If you forget the pattern of your android phone, you can’t do anything in your android mobile. Many users who set complex passwords combination ,easily forget password of his android phone. In this blog previously we posted two  methods for bypass/unlock android pattern. If you don’t know how you bypass android pattern lock follow our previous guides.

Unlock Android Phone Pattern

#6 Keyboard doesn’t work

Android default keyboard many times stuck in android Phone. Many times you press letter A(eg) and you see your android phone other letter. If you face this problem so I recommend you to download SwiftKey android app. Swiftkey is one of the best android keyboard android app for fast typing in android mobile.

Android Keybaord

#7 Turn Off Screen When Charging

When you plug your phone with Charger, your phone screen automatically off. Go to Settings / Applications / Development and tick the ‘Stay awake’ option to keep the screen on when charging.


Turn off screen


#8 Your Phone can’t connect with Your PC(For transferring data)

If you use laptop or wifi network , so you can try airdroid app for wirelessly transfer data in android phone. Airdroid 2 is one of the best app for transfer data  in pc to mobile and mobile to pc. Sometimes your USB or USB port in pc doesn’t support each other that’s why you face these type of problem.


#9 Google Play Errors

Google play is the main hub for downloading android apps in android mobile. If you download android apps in android mobile from google play store and you are getting error like not downloading , so this is a serious problems. When you can’t download android apps ,you can’t do anything in android mobile. Solution of the problem is very simple follow our previous guide for solving google play error 498 and update google play errors.

Google Play Errors

#10 Games not working

Games are not working in android mobile for various reasons like your android phone not support this game. Always check android game is compatible with your android os versions. Games are also not running because they not find sufficient ram in android mobile. Use Clean master for boosting android games in android mobile.

android games


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