Top 4 Angry Bird 2 Tips and Tricks


Top 4 Angry Bird 2 Tips and Tricks : Today we are here to share you about Angry Bird 2, as you know angry bird available in Android,iphone both available in version, and angry bird got rank high then others due to their graphics and their actions and movement i personal likes this games don’t know why but its very much good time pass so there are some tricks about Angry bird 2

Angry bird 2
Angry bird 2

So,there are some awesome tricks and tips about Angry Bird 2 for good experience in phone and pc there some hidden feature available which usually peoples does not know about that,so Dostifun will find out hidden feature for you,

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Top 4 Angry Bird 2 Tips and Tricks

Here I start the list of top 4 Angry bird 2 tips and tricks for you. Now without checking your patience more  I am taking you right towards the tricks.

1- Daily Quest – Earn Rewards

Daily Quest is an awesome way to earn rewards like; lives and gems. You don’t need to play Angry Bird 2 all the day to get more Gems; simply play this daily quest and earn rewards in short span of time.

However, be consistent while playing daily quest for earning Gems as it can be really useful for you when you’ll move further in the game. So, start playing daily quest to enjoy your Angry Bird 2 in other way.

2- Choose Right Bird for Right Shot!

This is another interactive feature of Angry Bird 2. It let you select different birds for different purposes. Different birds have different abilities. Some can go further, some can go far and some can go high, so before choosing your birds; play a test game with all these birds.

You can approach these birds by tapping on card from lower left corner and then you can select bird of your choice. So, start choosing right bird for right shot.

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3- Save all earned Spells

Spells are gift which you earn while playing Angry Birds and you stumped in a level. And, you need to save all these earned spells to use them in right time and order. I have mentioned some of the straightforward ways where you can use these spells to score high.

  • Hot Chilli: Use this spell to reach the hidden piggies hiding next to explosives.
  • Golden Duck: It can be simply used for mopping up after shelters have been destroyed.
  • Mighty Eagle: You can use this spell to wipe out your screen completely. You can use it in initial stages.
  • Frost: It can help you break through multiple layers but while using blue bird.
  • Pig Inflator: Use this spell to strike the enclosed pigs, it will force them to pop up.

4- Get rid of Timer – iOS Trick

You might have seen a timer, waiting for extra lives, and it is really annoying. So, if you want to get rid of that timer and then I have searched out the iOS trick which will trick Angry Bird 2 and will think that you have passed the timer and will not show you timer anymore.

  • First of all, go to Settings on your iOS device and then tap on General.
  • Now tap on Date & Time and then tap on Set Automatically and then change the settings to Off.
  • After that, you need to scroll down the clock and set your clock time to future time, a hour or two further than actual time.
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Top 4 Angry Bird 2 Tips and Tricks :Its all about Angry Bird 2 tips and tricks latest 2015 and 2016 because these hidden tricks will help to play good experience in your play game and more enjoyment, so if you face any problem regarding this article so ask me freely by comments below,and don’t forget to share this post to your friends and if you like this article so good comments below,