Top 5 Best Android Browsers 2015 TRICKS AND TIPS


Top 5 Best Android Browsers 2015 TRICKS AND TIPS : Today we are here to Share you Best Browsing Apps 2015 ,and ofcouse We all are using smartphones in our daily life. And there is always a need to browse different sites and to download the media from internet. In all these cases we deal with our browser. Browser is a app or software designed to work as an interface between internet and user . It requests the server for website and then display the webpages. A selection of good Web Browser is very important for our phone.

As now there are so many popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera,Safari , Uc Browser and many much more. Although all browser does same basic work that is opening web pages but a good browser loads the web pages quickly. Check out : Top 5 Best Android Browsers 2015,Now lets have a look on the Best Android Browser 2015. There are some browsers which are known by very less people but they works far good than these traditional browsers.Below i have listed the Best Android Browser 2015 on the basis of Page processing speed , user privacy protection and downloading speed.

Top 5 Best Android Browsers 2015

Here is Top 5 Best Android Browsers 2015 :-

#1 Dolphin Browser

This is very popular browser among the android users. This browser have very attractive look . Page loading speed of this browser is also very good. The main feature of this browser is that it can enhance the site like old sites which works perfectly only on old flash players ,In this browser that sites will open perfectly.


#2 Chrome Beta

This is best Androidd browser 2015. As many of us get bored with our Google Chrome default browser but this is much better than it .As in this browser we get the live updates of the browser directly from google and we can also give our feedbacks regarding the browserdevelopment . This is the awesome way to stay updated with the browser development.

#3 Puffin Browser

This browser is highly customizable, with backgrounds and other add-on functions, and it also has the ability to emulate a mouse cursor and a trackpad – ideal for those who miss the laptop experience on mobile . It also works by transferring material to its “cloud servers” before delivering it to your handset, which theoretically helps with loading bigger website files on devices with smaller bandwidth that is more quickly.

#4 Javelin Incognito Browser – for security and privacy

As the name indicates this is the best Android Browser as it mainly concentates on userprivacy. As this browser have feature to surf anonymously over the internet. And in this browser all the saved cookies,cache and history gets automatically deleted when you exit the browser.

#5 Link Bubble Browser

This is my favourite browser. As in this browser there are very unique features although this browser doesn’t provides the dedicated search but this browser has a special feature that is it can give you the indication after a page is load completely .With this feature you can save your lot of time by doing your work and left the browser to open the page After a page has been load it will give you the indication and then you can open it.


Its all about you i hope you will like it and Top 5 Best Android Browsers 2015 – So Above are the Best Android Browser 2015. You will surely like these browsers and you will definately forget your traditional browsers . Download and install this cool browsers and have fun over the internet. Don’t forget to share the post. share to friends,

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