Top 5 Best Blogging Apps for Mac OS X


Top-5-Best-Blogging-Apps-For-Mac-OS-XThe blogging is all about productivity and innovation. So, the bloggers always go for different methods to utilize their ideas and to gather them. As you all know that we have shared many apps and articles on blogging which would have definitely helped you a lot.

Therefore, keeping the same trend on, we are going to share top 5 best Blogging Apps for Mac OS X. You can utilize these apps on your Mac in order to polish your blogging skills and to gather some best ideas for sure. You can choose any of the below best app in order to get some ideas for your blogging.

Top 5 Best Blogging Apps for Mac OS X

So, here are the best 5 blogging apps for Mac OS X users. We have already shared many apps for Mac users, but these apps are especially for the Mac users. You can choose any of the below app which meets your caliber and need. So, get to the list in order to get the best one.

1- Desk

The Desk is the first app which we have put here for the Bloggers. It can be used for writing, Blogging, Productivity, Tumble, Blogger, WordPress and many more. This is one the smarter choices for bloggers as it is really a best blogging app which carry many awesome solution for bloggers. If you are inspired by this app then you must try this on your Mac OS X from below link.

Download Desk Here

2- Snagit

The Snagit is another best blogging app for Mac OS X users. It lets you create custom images and videos for your articles very easily. It also lets you take screenshot for your articles in professional manner. This completely deals with image area and you must use it too provide content in adorable manner. You may enjoy this app after purchasing it. Since, it is a paid app.

Download Snagit Here

3- ImageOptim

The function of ImageOptim is well described by its name. It is used for image optimization. It is very best tool which can be used to reduce the size of the image and make it completely optimized. It is simply makes all of your images SEO friendly and structure friendly. If you want to use this app on your Mac OS X, then refer below link.

Download ImageOptim Here.

4- Integrity

The Integrity is a SEO tool kit which carries some best kits and tools related to Search Engine Optimization. It helps you to scan the broken links of your site and gives you the report of all broken links. It is really a best tool to check for the all broken links and start working for its improvement. The awesome thing about this app is that it is free of cost, you can get it for your Mac OS X without paying a single penny.

Download Integrity Here.


The ECTO is the last best app which we have got for you guys. It is the best app which can be used for blog editing. It allows you to write your blog post from your Mac and let you publish on many platforms. The supported platforms are; WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Drupal, MoveType and many more. It is really an awesome editor. You can download this app from below link.


These were best blogging apps for Mac OS X. We are sure that the Mac users are going to avail much from them and would definitely share their views about these apps using our comment box. Furthermore, if you have found this article helpful and interesting then do share it with your other friends and circle too. Your shares would be proven helpful for many of the users out there for sure.