Top 7 Best Audio Editing Software For PC 2016


Top 7 Best Audio Editing Software For PC 2016 :Music is part of our life and every person love to listen to music. While it may be a song, Solo music, beat, religious song and more different type. Audio recorders are used to record these voices, music and another sound so that we listen. People like to listen high-quality audio without any noise effects. So to make our audio quality high and suppress the effect of various environmental noise, we use audio editing software. Editing adds some extra features to recorded voice and remove unwanted noise effects and much more.

With the help of audio editing, we can add extra sound effects like bass, echo, beet, tuning etc to our normal voice. Audio editing is done with the help of some special software tools. Normally we watch the video or listen to audios on our devices.Top 7 Best Audio Editing Software For PC 2016

Top 7 Best Audio Editing Software For PC 2016

Top 7 Best Audio Editing Software For PC 2016
Top 7 Best Audio Editing Software For PC 2016

As I ready posted about best video editing software for PC and even audio editing is done because some times we have no costly recording instruments to achieve high-quality recording or sometimes we want to add extra voice effects like any instrumental voice or many other like birds, animals, vehicle, water and many other voices. Sometimes we use mobile phones for recording sounds but it can not achieve high-quality voice.

So audio editing is required to edit the voice and add some extra voice effects, remove the voices that are not required, mix various voice and sounds to create the new sound. In this article, we provide you with a list of some audio editing software which includes paid and free version. Choose any of the best which fit according to your need.

1. Adobe Audition (Paid)

Adobe Audition is a product of Adobe corporation specially designed for Windows and Mac OS. It is a powerful Audio editing tool with the well defined user interface and provides audio slicing, restoration, remixing of various sounds, various sound effects, many inbuilt sounds and much more. It supports all audio formats and converts one format to another format. Its price is Approximately about $349 for full licenses. With the help of this tool, you can edit an audio file within few minutes with various effects. It is used by professional audio editors.

Adobe Audition (Paid)

2. Avid Pro Tools (Paid)

Avid Pro Tools is another popular audio editing tool for Windows and Mac operating system. It is used by professional musicians to produce the effects of various music instruments and remix various sounds. It provides many built-in instrument sounds, plugin support to extend its functionality, virtual DJ sound system etc. It is easy to use and is available for a cost of $699.

Avid Pro Tools (Paid)

 3. Reaper Editor (Paid)

 Reaper is another powerful audio editing tool for windows and Mac operating the system. It is a light weight audio editing tool. It supports a number of plugins to extends its functionality. Non-professional users can easily use it because of its simple interface and easy to use tools. It provides built-in sounds, remixing tools, the collection of sound effects. The it individual license is just for $60 and a commercial license is $225. It is good for beginners.

Reaper Editor (Paid)

4. Audacity (Free)

Audacity is a freeware open source software for sound editing and recording sound. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating system. It supports different file formats like mp3, OGG, AIFF, WAV and many other. It also supports live audio recording, audio remixing tools and noise suppression tools. If you are looking for free tools then Audacity is the best choice for you and it provides simple interface and easy to use tools. It is good for beginners.
Audacity (Free)

5. Power Sound Editor (Free)

Power Sound Editor is another powerful sound editor for Windows Operating system. It is a freeware tool with a collection of audio editing tool like remixing audio files, echo, bass, beet. It also provides option for live recording and burn it to disc and email it. It supports all Windows compatible sound formats. It is a good for simple editing and remixing sounds.
Power Sound Editor (Free)

6. Mp3DirectCut (Free)

Mp3DirectCut is a freeware audio editor for Windows and Linux Operating system. It is also a live recorder in Mp3 format. It allows you to cut, copy and change the audio file without decompressing it. It also allows you to remix audio files with another file, apply audio effects like echo, bass, trouble beet etc. It is a good choice for simple mp3 recording and editing.
Mp3DirectCut (Free)

 7. Wavosaur (Free)

Wavosaur is a free sound editor for windows operating system. It is used for editing Mp3 and Wav file formats. It is also a real-time sound recorder. It also provides plugin support, sound remixing, clip sound, noise suppression and add sound effects etc. It has no installer and registry files we just need the double click to run it.It is a light weight software.

Wavosaur (Free) CONCLUSION

Top 7 Best Audio Editing Software For PC 2016 : So these are few best audio editing software for PC. In case miss any of the best tools must leave your review in comments.and subscribe now below,Top 7 Best Audio Editing Software For PC 2016