Undo Sent Email on Gmail Account


Undo Sent Email on Gmail Account [Get Sent Mail Back] : Today we are here to share you very important tricks for gmail user many of time accidental send mail with out complete information to our manager or boss so today we here to share you how to undo send email on gmail account or get send mail back to you,

how to send Email undo by : Tricks4ever.org
how to send Email undo by : Tricks4ever.org

Yes !  you read it right, you can actually get your sent mail back and your receiver will not be able to see it any more as it will be taken out from his/her inbox, isn’t it awesome? I am sure that many of you must be eagerly waiting for such trick.

Therefore, read out this article and save it for yourself as I am 100% sure that you’ll come to in need of this in future as we all do such kind of mistakes while sending mail to someone, most specifically when it is too important as too much care let us make mistakes.

Learn – Steps #    Undo Sent Email on Gmail

  1. First of all, Sign in to your Gmail account and Click on Settings button and then Click on Settings. The settings button would be round and it would be under your profile picture. Gmail settings
  2. Now, come to General tab.
  3. Then scroll down and come to Undo Send Section and check mark it to enable it. And, you can also set the cancelation time; the limit for cancelation time is 5 to 30 seconds
    how to send mail undo
    how to send mail undo
    • You are done with it, now whenever you want to undo any sent mail then you’ll have an Undo button at top of the page, simply click on it revert your mail.


    Undo Sent Email on Gmail Account [Get Sent Mail Back] : Its all about gmail send accidental email by mistake so This was our article which has solved one of the most asked query. I am sure it would have been proven helpful for many of the users out there. So, if you have any questions to ask then lend your queries in the comment box. I shall get back to them as soon as possible.and do not forget to share this post to your friends ,