How To Verify YouTube Account on PC/Laptop



As you all know that YouTube is one of the world’s most popular video streaming website. YouTube has millions of videos and you can find almost all sort of videos that you want on YouTube.Verifying YouTube account is very much necessary, especially when you want to grow your YouTube business or want to make a professional channel. If you won’t verify your YouTube account then you will only able to upload a video of maximum 15 minutes.

By verifying your YouTube account then a verification badge will also be added to your YouTube channel, which will makes your channel look much more professional. So, if you are feeling that you are bounded on YouTube because you can only upload a video of maximum 15 minutes or do you want to grow your YouTube business? Then, don’t worry because today I have created this tutorial in which I will teach you that how you can easily verify YouTube account on your Windows PC. To verify your YouTube account first you have to make sure that you have a mobile phone with an active number and if you do then you are halfway done. So, without wasting much of your valuable time, let’s get started with our tutorial.

How To Verify YouTube Account on PC/Laptop = Dostifun tricks and tips

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  • First of all, get your mobile phone.
  • Then, open up your web browser and first you have to sign in to your YouTube account and then go to the YouTube Verification page.
  • Now, enter your mobile phone number in the given box.
  • After that, you have to select your Country and then select the method by which you would like to receive the verification code on your mobile phone.
  • After you receive the verification code on your mobile phone then simply paste it on the account verification box.
  • That’s it! You are done! Now, you will see that your YouTube account will be verified and upgraded.

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So, this was all about how to verify YouTube account on your PC. I hope that now you will be able to easily verify your YouTube account on your Windows PC. If you have any type of queries regarding this tutorial then do let us know, we will try our best to resolve them. And plus, if you’d like this tutorial then don’t forget to share this with your friends and social circles too.

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