WPFull SEO Plugin Review – WordPress Best SEO Plugin

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WordPress is one of the famous blogging platform which is very much prominent due to its uncountable and useful plugins. I am sure if you are reading this post then you are a blogger looking to increase your blog traffic with proper SEO and want to improve your Search Engine rank. So now SEO has been changing day by day! Additionally, it’s your turn to know what’s happening around you and how to scope up with these things ;)

Bloggers are pretty possessive about the success and ranking of their blog and they know that the success of their blog is completely based on SEO. Additionally, we have already mentioned above that for the WordPress users SEO is really simple to manipulate with different plugins and the WPFull SEO is considered as the best choice for them to make their blog optimized and friendly.

What Actually WPFULL SEO is?

Before, going ahead and going deeper into the details of this plugin let me clear the basic purpose and aim of this SEO plugin. WPFULL SEO plugin is a complete solution for the bloggers. You can get the full analysis of your blog’s SEO without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

It has so many features that no other SEO plugin in the current Internet market offers even in their premium versions of the plugin. There are many awesome features in this plugin which are available to be used. Here are few of them ( I am not covering the basic features that are available in all the SEO plugins here. I am covering only the new features which are making WPFULL SEO a complete SEO weapon for blogger)

  • SEO Summary of the complete Blog
  • OnPage SEO templates
  • Social Stats and Social Signals/Analytic’s
  • Customizable SEO Score Settings
  • Website load speed optimization
  • Google Keyword Rank Settings
  • Site Backup

And there are many other features in this featured packed SEO plugin. Now let’s dig out the details of these features and make you astonish.

1- SEO Summary of the complete Blog

This is really a cool feature that attracted me so much, because as you all know that I am having so many other websites like legeeks.com and many more, Spending time on every site to just get the summery of SEO of those sites is really a hectic and time consuming problem for me.

I should thank very much the developer of this plugin for saving lot of time. And this is quite useful for every blogger who want to have a quick overview of the SEO of the site. By using this feature you may have the SEO summary of the posts and pages.

The SEO summary report gives the number of the post and pages optimized and number of post and pages optimized, and SEO Score for the posts and pages. You can have a look at the image below how the summary look alike.summary postsI was little disappointed after seeing this report at first because, I tried to know the list of the posts that need to be worked on to optimize which is not provided here.

Fortunately, you can get this information when you open all you posts the unoptimized posts are given no SEO score or least score, on which you need to work, so, no worries. That’s it this is really a cool feature which is not found in any other SEO plugin.

2- Onpage Templates:

This term caught my eye!..What Onpage SEO Templates! At one second I thought that this is a great feature but when I opened the feature settings I found nothing new features additions when compared to other SEO plugins.

By seeing the name I thought this feature gave me option to create multiple onpage templates and apply as per my need(just like theme changing ) . But this feature is intended to configure the Homepage, Post and page templates have a look at the image below.templatesI don’t think that there is nothing wrong in my expectation by seeing the name. The name actually disappointed me. The name of this feature should be something close to Title and Meta feature which is found in SEO by Yoast plugin or if the developer don’t want to change the name then the name would be justified if they give option like theme changing :-P. Any how, this is great feature.

3- Social Stats and Social Signals/Analytics

As a blogger we are always curious to know how people are sharing your content and which content is mostly shared or trending post of your blog on social media.

There are some tools available which give the social media stats for free and for premium, from now you don’t need to use onyother tools and plugins to get these details you can get complete details in just one simple click on your WordPress dashboard. I could not get you the screen shot of this feature because it is talking 30 mins to get updated reports, I will update as soon as possible.

4- Customizable SEO Score Settings

The whole plugin works on these SEO score settings, Some times you may need to have your own custom SEO score settings on your blog. This feature is great for those who like to play with the SEO techniques and try the new SEO tricks. This is feature is not found in any other plugin.

5- Website load Speed Optimization

Speed is the main factor that every webmaster should consider to have good SEO impact on the site. If you have done every optimization on the blog and did not take care of the speed then there is no meaning of optimizing the blog.

Even though, this is highly stressed point in SEO, I have seen no SEO plugin before giving suggestion on speed optimization. WPFULL SEO is the only plugin which is giving speed suggestions. Of course, W3TC plugin is supporting some integration with Yoast SEO plugin.speed

6- Google Keyword Rank Settings

This is the best feature of this feature pack SEO plugin, You don’t need  to leave your WordPress dashboard and open the Google search engine and search the keyword and look for your website , and make use of the tools like moonsy to get the keyword rank positions.

Additionally, you can also get notifications about the changes in the keyword positions via email! which is really awesome. You are also given to check the keyword rank as per country level Google domain also.

The major restrictions of this tool is that you can use this tool only once in a day. Google rank summary will give the complete blog’s ranking in Google. The number of posts ranked in top 100 results and many more reports.google seo

7- Site Backup

You are always recommend to take the backup of the sites. This feature makes you to avoid another plugin that you are using on your site to take backup.

You can automate the backup process by scheduling the process from Backup Menu. And you can also choose the only database or files and both database and files to be backup from the settings as shown in the image.backupThese are some of the best features found on WPFULL SEO, and these features make this plugin to stand out from the other SEO plugins. Furthermore, it is worthy buying.

Note some of the features that I have reviewed here may or may not found in the package you opted for. So, make sure that you have checked the complete features which are offered in this pack

Quick look on Features:

So, after sharing a detailed introduction of WP Full SEO plugin, it is my duty to share the over viewed stuffs and features which this plugin includes. These features are simply awesome and can be proven very much helpful for Bloggers to rank their blog.

  • It includes Onsite Search Engine Rank tracker
  • It gives you E-mail Alerts and Notifications
  • It includes Social Stats, Signals/Analytics which monitors social out reach per post and ensure weekly reporting (Platinum Feature)
  • It includes Dynamic Internal Link Generator which will help you to interlink pages, posts and categories by single Click
  • It gives you Redirection and Sitemap Settings
  • It also gives you Automatic Site backup and E-mail which will help you to store your blog’s data without manual actions (Platinum Feature)
  • It has also got One Click Rich Snippets Integration
  • It has fully Customizable SEO Score Setting
  • It gives you detailed SEO summary and graph of your posts and site
  • It gives you modification of Onsite Robots and .htaccess editors
  • It includes awesome  SEO setting template
  • It also includes Generic SEO Setting Importer
  • It gives you One Click Rank Checker which allow you to set a targeted keyword for you post and gives you automatic weekly report of your all posts. This feature can help you track rank of unlimited posts with unlimited keywords. (Platinum Feature)
  • You can also Set Alerts which will inform you about your site’s progress with an e-mail, if there is any changing in ranks, traffic or any other issue (Platinum Feature)
  • The Load Speed Optimization is also available in this plugin

Ultimately, it includes each and everything which can make your blog completely SEO friendly. I would say that it converts a newbie into a pro blogger, as it gives you an easy and awesome method of optimizations. However, if you are inspired with this awesome plugin of WordPress then you have to spend some amount to grab it for you.The price list and details are clearly listed below:

Basic Version for Single Site = $97 but for today it is $67/Lifetime

Basic Version for Multi Sites= $197 but for today it is $127/Lifetime

Platinum Version for Single Site= $297 but for today it is $197/Lifetime

Platinum Version for Multi Site= $397 but for today it is $297/Lifetime

We think that these are really low rates comparative to the features which are compressed in this plugin. Since, if you are going to buy each and every feature’s tool separately then it may cost around $200 annually and I guess $97 for lifetime is pretty less amount.

Results Of Using WPFull SEO

WPFull SEO Plugin Review – WordPress Best SEO Plugin

We have got some screenshots for you guys, which are showing clear results and performance after using this plugin. You will be able to judge the awesomeness of this plugin after going through the screenshots.

The one screenshots is showing you the clean and clear increment in the traffic stats. Since, we know that the optimized site received good amount of traffic. The second screenshot is showing the results of structured data after using WPFull SEO

Check Out Below Screen Shot ( Results After Using WPFULLSEO )

wpfullseo results

Structured Data, Webmaster tools, WPFULL SEO

Final Words

This is all about WPFull SEO which is the best WordPress SEO plugin which includes awesome package for the Bloggers. However, if you’ll face any difficulties in using this plugin then you can share your queries with support team and can get the solution.

Furthermore, let me share one more thing that the above mentioned prices will be raised twice in coming 7 days. So, don’t kill the time and book your order as soon as possible, until it’s too late.

Finally, if you have any queries or questions left related to WPFull SEO plugin then do share it with us. So, that we could clear your queries as soon as possible.

Additionally, don’t forget to share this WPFull SEO review with other bloggers in order to share the best WordPress SEO plugin with them as well, which is available for reasonable rates.