Yahoo Shutting Down Its Map And Some Other Services


Yahoo Shutting Down Its Map And Some Other Services : Today we are here to share you about yahoo map and other services becouse yahoo is a leading site everyone knows so Today we are here with the discussion on Yahoo Shutting Down Its Map And Some Other Services. As we all know yahoo is a very huge network over the internet with its huge search engine, mailing services, maps and lots more that you might don’t know. Now this giant network is going to shut its Maps and Some of other services. Yahoo’s map services was allowing user to track the traffics and many much more. And the other services like yahoo music etc is famous in worldwide. Just read out the below post to proceed. 

This huge network is shutting down its map services along with many websites running worldwide like Yahoo Music in Canada and Yahoo Movies in Spain etc. These all will be shut down soon and traffic will then redirect to some other yahoo service. And all this report was announced by Yahoo in its blog post.


Some of Yahoo services are shutting down because this network wants more traffic and ads cost for which yahoo is signing many new deals which will benefit it with huge traffic. Also there was a deal of yahoo with live NFL game. In short yahoo wants to expands its business more and more worldwide by capturing huge traffic from these deals for better results.


Yahoo Shutting Down Its Map And Some Other Services:.Its all about you i hope you will like this article so  Many of you must be using these services, but these will be no longer accessed after some time as these all will get shut down by yahoo. and this will be for yahoo’s better businesses worldwide. And also the new deals of Yahoo may attracts more traffic toward Yahoo services. Hope you like our discussion, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below if you have any related query with this.