Zong MMB 10 GB Dosti Offer Buy Now Get Extra


Zong MMB 10 GB Dosti Offer Buy Now Get Extra.: As you know Zong is the largest 4G internet network and still individual offering 4G services across in Pakistan.many customers converting from PTCL to zong very quickly because zong offering day by day new packages in 4G bundle offer, recently zong bring 10 GB extra customer for new customers for the rest of the year.

Zong MMB 10 GB Dosti Offer Buy Now Get Extra

Zong MMB 10 GB Dosti Offer Buy Now Get Extra
Zong MMB 10 GB Dosti Offer Buy Now Get Extra

Zong 10 GB Dosti Offer

With the purchase of any Zong MBB device till 31st July 2016 now customers can enjoy a Bonus of 10GB Volume with every bundle subscription of selected bundles till December 31st 2016.

10GB Extra on Every Bundle
Name Volume New Volume Price (Rs.)
MBB Monthly 24 GB * 24 GB 34 GB 1500
MBB Monthly 50 GB 50 GB 60 GB 2000
MBB Monthly 100 GB 100 GB 110 GB 3800
MBB 24GB 3 Months 24GB/ Month 34GB/ Month 4000


  • Bundle not available at the time of sale
  • Limited Time Offer
  • Prices are inclusive of all taxes

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  1. Customers purchasing the devices within the eligibility period will get 10 GB Extra volume till 31st Dec 2016 if they subscribe to any of the above mentioned Bundles during this time.
  2. a. 10 GB Extra volume will not be available on any other bundles except these four.
    • a.i. For Example if the subscriber activates 50GB bundle in the validity period, 10GB extra will be allotted, but if the customer subscribes 200GB in the next subscription 10GB extra will not be allotted for that particular subscription.
    • b. 10GB extra will be available on the above mentioned bundle multiple times. I.e. customer can subscribe to above mentioned bundles multiple times and get the 10GB extra every time till 31st December 2016.
  3. 2. Customers will be eligible for this offer if they buy the MBB device before 31st July 2016.